Ninnoc (A Dutch film with subtitles)1 min


Ninnoc has trouble with groups. Why should everyone behave the same, everyone look the same? Ninnoc has big blue eyes, long blond hair, dances, sings and is headstrong. She cannot describe herself, but what it feels like to be left out: “Wawawawawawawawa.” It trembles in her head and it gives her a headache. “Aaaaaaaaahhh,” she hears in her ears all the time. She did not belong in her old school, she does not fully identify herself in her new school. Because she does not want to adapt indiscriminately, but is also afraid of being left out. “Everyone sees who I seem to be, but only a few know who I am. You can only see what I am showing you, and there is so much more behind that smile that you don’t even know. ” Ninnoc muses in front of the camera about what “normal” means, “different” and “popular” (her quotes). We see her moving through an empty school, in a full classroom and a room full of Ninnocs. The film’s montage and style echoes how Ninnoc feels – and may allow the viewer to understand a bit why such a bright girl finds some things so difficult.


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