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I was looking for a good book about depression, because I wanted to read more about the subject than the standard information. I was looking for something in-depth. This book stood out from the many available books because of the title and subtitle. I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to read it.

In the book Lost Connections by Johann Hari you are taken on a journey around the world. Hari talks through personal experiences about the widespread causes of depression, the use of antidepressants and the many studies that have been conducted into this psychological condition. His light-hearted way of telling is pleasant to read and makes it easier to understand in difficult parts.

After an extensive tour of the various causes of depression, the second part of the book looks at solutions. From scientific ideas worth exploring to actionable projects within society. Hari provides an eclectic mix of options for solving depression as a community. He does this with a lot of substantiation and passion. There is even an idea from a Dutch investigative journalist!

I heartily recommend this book for a number of reasons. First of all, Hari has carried out thorough research into depression of which he himself is an expert. In addition, the ideas he puts forward are easily applicable as an individual or as a society. It is also not entirely unimportant that he substantiates all his findings with scientific research and makes a lot of references to find out for himself.

I like to read in English, but there is also a Dutch translation of the book available, Verbinging Verbroken. If you have become curious, this is really a book that is worth reading and getting a place in your bookcase. Will you let me know what you thought of the book?


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