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I am J.Q. Isidore, the creator of Spectrum Rebel, a personal blog about living with a late autism diagnosis. I am also a Counselor in training and help other autistic people in their lives.

I am a single mom to a beautiful daughter. We live with our two cats in the heart of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I spend the day studying for my Bachelor Counseling. I dream of opening my own practice and working with autistic people. When I have the time, I also enjoy making music, drawing, writing a lot, photographing and more such creative expressions. I also like to read books and enjoy philosophizing about the meaning of life.

Regarding autism, I write openly about my life experiences with it to create more understanding and insight about what autism is. It is a spectrum and every autistic person is unique. I am pro autism acceptance and I strongly believe in neurodiversity. For me, fighting stigma is an important aspect of telling my story openly. With a late diagnosis in 2019, at the age of 37, my journey just started, but through this website I cordially invite you to go on this adventure with me.

Unfortunately for the foodies, travelers and fashionistas; I don’t do extravagant cooking, beautifully bizarre world trips or makeup tutorials. My passion lies mostly in living a pleasant life in the big city, raising my daughter positively and enjoying every day. I am what I call a critical fan of life. That is why I like to share my insights, wisdom and learning moments. Who knows, maybe I will leave the world a little better than when I entered it.

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