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In our performance-infused society, finding peace and satisfaction can be a long quest. With an abundance of self-help books, you would think inner peace is around the corner and tangible in considerable time.

In our performance-infused society, finding peace and satisfaction can be a long quest. With an abundance of self-help books, you would think inner peace is around the corner and tangible in considerable time.

Everyone has tips and tricks. Meditate, practice Yoga or maybe Tai Chi is something for you? What is often lacking in this type of advice is your affinity with the options or your options for implementing it. The biggest problem seems to be the overcrowded agenda and the desire to always do more. See more friends, make more trips and own more. The ‘More Syndrome’ often makes us feel deeply unhappy and restless. It is also an infectious syndrome in which we often overload our children at an early age with doing more than they can handle. By the time they reach puberty they already have burnout complaints! Not to mention all those adults who are in sickness law because of the same problem. Fortunately, there are several roads leading to Rome and over the years I have discovered what has helped me to distance myself from negative energy guzzlers and discover inner peace. Read some of my practical tips quickly and who knows, you may also finally be on your way to inner peace.

1. Do your shopping online

I am not a shopper. I even hate it! The bustle, smells, colors and noise of stupid background music. Shopping is an exciting experience. I can enjoy with all my heart and soul that we can simply order our groceries online and have them delivered today. It saves you time, frustration and if you do it right, money too. Do you suddenly have to go to the store? Then go at times when it is quiet (er).

2. Keep rest days

Overcrowded agenda? Not me! When I have a day with an appointment, I make sure that the next day is free. So I have the next day to refuel from the previous one and I can plan and prepare the next day at my leisure. Would you like to meet in the city on Sunday or meet up with a group of friends? No thanks. Before the week starts, make sure you actually have a rest day.

3. Know your budget

Every month I make an overview of my income and expenses. It is a budget overview in Excel, which gives me a good idea of ​​my finances. Whether you have a lot or little income, the advantage of managing your budget is that you have a clear idea of ​​where your money is going. I have my fixed costs and a monthly amount for groceries. I save on what I have left, I spend on nice trips or on clothes. I have no debts and can buy a new washing machine in an emergency. My finances are carefree, because I have and keep the overview and with that I also get a bit more inner peace.

4. Turn off the TV and radio

Sometimes the television is switched on with us without actually being watched, especially Cartoon Network is such a channel. It is background noise that clings to your subconscious and gives stimulation. Recognizable? Turn off the television or radio! Provided you watch or listen to a program in a targeted manner, it is unnecessary to have it in the background. You don’t miss anything except rest if you leave that thing on all day. Minimize your viewing behavior to programs that you find really interesting and just turn off your television before and after that. You understand that you can also apply this to your mobile right?

5. Be on time

There is nothing more frustrating and rushing than being late. You feel anxious about the little time you have and the stress rushes through your body. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience the opposite? Arrive at your appointment with peace and ease and be on time. It is also neat and a gesture of respect for the other person. To tackle this extra well, you need to know how much time you need to be on time for your appointment. How much time do you need to prepare? What are the chances of time-consuming obstacles along the way? Allow yourself time to take it easy before the appointment and set an alarm for the time to leave. Giving yourself a relaxing journey and arriving on time also offers the advantage that your appointment will be much more pleasant.

6. Be tidy

Everywhere in the house? That is asking for over-stimulation of your subconscious. Make sure that your belongings have a place in the house, preferably not in the middle of the kitchen table, but neatly stored in a cupboard. Can’t find a place for the thing to clean it up? Maybe you don’t really need it then. Do not hesitate to give away or throw away unnecessary items. Peace comes with a peaceful environment so let your home be a reflection of that peace. Take the time to clean up your house and plan not to have everything cluttered up in the future, but to put everything away immediately every day. It really saves you a lot of stress in the long run.

7. Say (more often) no!

Your agenda is full of social obligations. You feel like a pawn of fate as you run and fly from appointment to appointment. Is it really necessary to go out with the girls again on Saturday? Can’t get out of that dinner with your colleagues? Is it necessary to go shopping with your mother again? We often make such agreements out of a feeling of wanting to miss or guilt. Are they really mandatory from your environment or from your own idea of ​​involvement? You are not a worse daughter or girlfriend if you learn to say no more often to others. Saying no to another is saying yes to yourself. Also read Simone’s blog explaining why saying no is so difficult, but not impossible.

8. Say goodbye to negative relationships

Besides saying no, saying goodbye to a friendship or family relationship is often the most difficult. But what if this relationship is based on inequality and negative spheres occur every time you are together? Personal relationships should be a positive, exciting addition to your life. They should contribute to a better understanding of yourself and the other person. If you are unsure about a certain relationship, try a cool down moment by following tip number 7 for a while. Would you rather get out of the relationship altogether? Then stop it. There’s no point in clinging to something that simply doesn’t work. In the interest of your own inner peace, it is better to end the relationship and move on with your own life. You are not a worse person by saying no to a non-working relationship.

These were my practical tips. Some are easy to apply, others require a bit more practice. If you want to apply a few to your own life, start with small steps. First choose a tip that you can easily apply and try it for a week. If this goes well, you can take the next step and introduce the next tip to your life. Rest is the magic word, so don’t rush to apply the tips, okay? Do you have a tip that belongs in this list? Let us know in a comment below.


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